Shim'ron (Heb. Shimron', שַׁמרוֹן, watch-height), the name of a man and also of a place, SEE SHIMRON-MERON.

1. (Sept. Σαμαράμ v. r. Σαμβράν, etc.). Last named of the four sons of Issachar (Ge 46:13; 1Ch 7:1," Shimrom" in later editions). and head of the family of the Shimrunites (Nu 26:24). B.C. 1874.

2. (Sept. Σομερών v. r. Σεμερών and Συμεών.) A town of Zebulon (Jos 19:15, where it is named between Nahallal and Idalah),one of those which joined the northern confederacy under Jabin against Joshua. Jos 11:5), and apparently the same elsewhere (12:20) more fully called Shimron-meron (q.v.). Eusebius and Jerome in the Onomasticon confound it with Samaria. The old Jewish traveller Hap-Parchi fixes it at two hours east of Engannim (Jenin), south of the mountains of Gilboa, at a village called in his day Dar Meron (Ashier, Benjamin, ii, 434). This is in. accordance with the tradition existing among the Jews of Safed that Shimron-meron is identical with the sacred village of Meiron, where the tombs of the rabbins Hillel and Shammai are still preserved and honored (Wilson, Lands of the Bible, ii,3 13). Schwarz, with greater probability (see Reland, Palest. p. 1017, Gesenius, Thes. Heb. p. 1445), proposes (Palest. p. 172) to identify it with the Simonias of Josephus (Life, § 24), now Siminlyveh, a. village a few miles west of Nazareth, which is mentioned in the Talmud (Jerus. Megillah, c. 1) as the ancient Shimron.

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