Picture the rendering in the A.V. in three passages of two Hebrew words which are from the same root (שָׂכָה, to look at).

1. Maskith, מִשׂכַּית , an image; used alone, either literally (plur. "pictures," Pr 25:11) or in the sense of imagination ("conceit," Pr 18:11; plur. "wish," Ps 73:7); with אֶבֶן, a stone ("image of stone," Le 26:1; plur. " pictures," Nu 33:52); with חֶדֶר, an apartment (plur. "chambers of imagery" [ q.v.], Eze 8:12), "it denotes idolatrous representations, either independent images, or more usually stones 'portrayed,' i.e., sculptured in low relief, or engraved and colored (Eze 23:14; Layard, Nin. and Bab. 2:306, 308). Movable pictures, in the modern sense, were doubtless unknown to the Jews; but colored sculptures and drawings on walls or on wood, as mummy-cases, must have been familiar to them in Egypt (see Wilkinson, Anc. Egyptians, 2:277). In later times we read of portraits (εἰκόνας), perhaps busts or intagli, sent by Alexandra to Antony (Josephus, Ant. 15:2, 6). The 'pictures of silver' of Pr 25:11, were probably wall-surfaces or cornices with carvings, and the 'apples of gold' representations of fruit or foliage, like Solomon's flowers and pomegranates (1Ki 6:7). The walls of Babvlon wlere ornamented with pictures on enamelled brick."

2. Sekiyah, שׂכַיּה, the flag of a ship, as seen from afar (plur. "picture," Isa 2:16). The Phoenician and Egyptian vessels had their flags and sails of purple and other splendid colors (see Eze 27:7; comp. Diod. Sic. 1, 51; Wilkinson, Anc. Egypt. 3:211). SEE STANDARD.

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