[many Jeshai'ah] (Hebrew Yeshayah', ישִׁעיָה, deliverance of Jehovah;' 1Ch 3:21; Ezr 8:7,19; Ne 11:7; elsewhere in the paragogic form ישָׁעיָהוּ, Yeshaya'hu), the name of several men.

1. (Sept: ᾿Ωσαίας v.r. Ι᾿ωσίας , Vulg. Iasajas, Author. Ver. "Jeshaiah.") Son of Rehabiah, and father of Joram, of the Levitical family of Eliezer (1Ch 26:25). B.C. considerably ante 1014.

Bible concordance for JESHOHAIAH.

2. (Sept. Ι᾿εεία v.r. Ι᾿σαές; Ι᾿σίας v.r. Ι᾿ωσιά; Vulg. Jesejas, Auth. Vers. "Jeshaiah.") One of the sons of Jeduthun, appointed under him among the sacred harpers (1Ch 25:3), at the head of the eighth division of Levitical musicians (ver. 15). B.C. 1014.


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4. (Septuag. Ι᾿εσσεία v.r. Ι᾿εσίας, Vulg. Isaja, Auth. Vers. "Jesaiah.") Father of Ithiel, a Benjamite, whose descendant Sallu resided in Jerusalem after the exile (Ne 9:7). B.C. long ante 539.

5. (Septuagint Ι᾿εσεία v.r. Ι᾿εσίας, Vulgate Jesejas, Auth. Vers. "Jesaiah.") The second of the three sons of Hananiah, son of Zerubbabel (1Ch 3:21; see Strong's Harmony and Expos. of the Gosp. p. 17). B.C. post 536.

6. (Septuag. ῾Ησαϊvα v.r. Ι᾿σαϊvας, Vulg. Isajas, Auth. Vers. "Jeshaiah.") Son of Athaliah, of the "sons" of Elam, who returned with 70 male relatives from Babylon (Ezr 8:7). B.C. 459.

7. (Sept. Ι᾿σαϊvα, Vulg. Isajas, Author. Vers. "Jeshaiah.") A Levite of the family of Merari, who accompanied Hashabiah to the river Ahava, on the way from Babylon to Palestine (Ezr 8:19). B.C. 459.

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