Hodavi'ah (Heb. Hodavyah', הוֹדִויָה, praise of Jehovah, or perh. i.q. הוֹדוּיָה, praise ye Jehovah; Sept. ᾿Ωδουία or ᾿Ωδουϊvα), the name of three or four men.

1. A chieftain and warrior of the tribe of Manasseh East at the time of the Assyrian captivity (1Ch 5; 1Ch 24). B.C. cir. 720.

2. Son of Has-senuah and father of Meshullam, of the tribe of Benjamin (1Ch 9:7). B.C. ante 588.

Bible concordance for HODAVIAH.

3. A Levite whose posterity (to the number of 74) returned from Babylon with Zerubbabel (Ezr 2:40). In the parallel passage, Ne 7:43, his name is written Hodevah' (הוֹדנוָה, by contraction for Hodaviah, marg. הוֹדניָה, by contraction for Hodijah; Sept. Οὐδουία, Vulgate Oduja). B.C. ante 536. Apparently the same is elsewhere called JUDAH (Ezr 3:9).

4. See HODAIAH. Hodegetics, a word properly signifying the art of induction, or, better, the art of introduction (τέχνη being understood with ὁδηγητική), but generally taken to signify introduction (ὁδηγία) itself, especially when reference is made to scientific Hodegetics. The Hodegete (ὁδηγητής), of course, is expected to be thoroughly conversant with the science of which he treats, and which he is to introduce, else he might easily lead ill the wrong direction, or into another department. Other names for this science are Methodology (from μεθοδος), or Propaedeutics (from πρό and παιδεύω, παῖς), or Isagogics (from εἰς and ἄγω). The difference between Hodegetics and Encyclopsedia (q.v.) of Theology is, that "the former has regard to the personal qualifications of the student, his method of study, his preparatory helps, etc., whereas the latter has regard to the various departments and systems of the science itself." The literature of Hodegetics is quite extensive. See Schlegel, Summe 5. Esfahrungen und Beobb. z. Beford. d. Studien in gel. Schulen und auf. Univ. (Riga, 1790); Kiesevetter, Lehrb. d. Hod. o. kurze Aszweis. z. studieren (Berl. 1811); Schelling, Vorles. ib. d. Methode d. akadem. Studiums (3rd edit. Tübingen, 1832); Scheidler, Grundr. d. H. o. Methodik d. akadem. Stud. (3rd ed.

See also the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia.

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