Delai'ah (Heb. DELAYAH', דּלָיָה, freed by Jehovah; also in the prolonged form Delaya'hu,' דּלָיָהוּ, 1Ch 24:18; Jer 36:12,25; comp. ἀπελεύθερος Κυρίου, 1Co 7:22; also the Phoenician name Δελαιαστάρτος, quoted from Menander by Josephus, Ap. 1:18, and the modern name Godfrey = Gottesfrey), the name of several men.

1. (Sept. Δαλαϊvας v. r. Α᾿βδαλλαί.) The head of the twenty-third division of the priestly order in the arrangement by David (1Ch 24:18). B.C. 1014.

2. (Sept. Δαλαϊvας, Γοδολίας.) A son of Shemaiah, and one of the courtiers to whom Jeremiah's first roll of prophecy was read (Jer 36:12): he vainly interceded for its preservation from the flames (ver. 25). B.C. 604.

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3. (Sept. Δαλαϊvα.) The progenitor or head of one of the parties of exiles that returned to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel from certain parts of the Assyrian dominions, but who had lost their genealogical records (Ezr 2:60; Ne 7:62). B.C. 536.

4. (Sept. Δαλαϊvα.) The son of Mehetabeel, and father of the Shemaiah who counselled Nehemiah to escape into the Temple from the threats of Sanballat (Ne 6:10). B.C. ante 410.

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5. (Sept. Δελαϊvα v. r. Δαλααϊvα) One of the sons of Elioenai, a descendant of the royal line of Judah from Zerubbabel (1Ch 3; 1Ch 24, where, however, the name is Anglicized DALAIAH). He probably belongs to the tenth generation before Christ (see Strong's HARMONY AND EXPOS. OF THE GOSPELS, p. 17). , B.C. cir. 300.

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