Zoology, Biblical

Zoology, Biblical This, like all other scientific subjects, is practically and incidentally, rather than systematically and designedly, treated in the Scriptures, yet many animals are mentioned, and their characteristics are given with substantial accuracy. In the Talmud a more copious and minute description is given of many animals (see Lewysohn, Die Zoologie des Talmuds [Frankfort-on- the-Main, 1858]). The popular and general classification into beasts, birds, reptiles, etc. is the usual Biblical one, and they are further distinguished as clean and unclean. See each of these designations under its proper head. The following is a full list of all the animals (including certain animal products) mentioned in the Bible, in the alphabetical order of the names in the original, with the ordinary rendering in the A.V., and the real name as nearly as modern research has identified it. See each term in its proper place in the body of this Cyclopaedia. SEE NATURAL HISTORY.

Achasteranim' mules camels Aetos vulture eagle Agur' swallow swallow Akbar' dormouse mouse Akkabish' spider spider Akko' goat roebuck Akrab' scorpion scorpion Akris locust locust Akshub' asp adder Alektor cock cock Alpex fox fox Alukah' vampyre leech Anakah' lizard ferret Anaphaih' parrot heron Arad' onager wild ass Arbeh' locust locust Ari' lion lion Arktos bear bear Arnbeth hare hare Arob' gad-fly swarms Arod' onager wild ass Aryeh' lion lion Asht moth moth Aspis asp asp Atalleph' bat bat Athon she-ass she-ass Attud' he-goat he-goat Ayah' hawk"kite," vulture Ayal' stag hart Ayalah' doe hid A'yit beast bird Bakar' beef-animal ox Barburnim' goose fatted fowl

Batrachos frog frog Behemah' quadruped beast Behemoth' hippopotamus behemoth Bikrah' she-camel dromedary Chagab' locust grasshopper Chamor' he-ass ass Chanamel' ant frost Chapharpherah' rat ole Chargol locust beetle Chasidah' stork stork' Chasil' locust locust Chazir' swine swine Choiors swine swine Chole opin gall Choled weasel weasel Chomet lizard snail Daah' kite glede,vulture Dayah' falcon vulture Deborah' bee bee Dob bear bear Dishon' antelope pygarg Drakon serpent dragon Dukiphath hoopoe lapwing Echidna viper viper Epheh' serpent viper Eriphion kid goat Eriphos goat goat Ez she-goat goat Gamal camel camel Gazam' unwinged locust palmer-worm Geb locust locust Gedi' kid kid' Gediyah' she-kid kid Gob locust grasshopper Gor' whelp young lion Gozal' fledgling youngbird Gur' whelp young-whelp

Hippos horse horse Hus swine sow Iyim' jackals wild beasts Kaath' cormorant pelican Kamlos camel camel Keleb dog dog Ken gnat lice Kephir' young lion young lion Ketos sea-monster whale Kinnam' gnat lice Kippod' hedge-hog bittern Kippoz' arrow-snake great owl Kirkaroth' dromedaries swift beasts Koach lizard chameleon Kokkos cochineal scarlet Konops gat gnat Koph ape ape Korax crow raven Kos pelican owl Kuon dog dog Layish lion lion Lebi' lion lion Lebiyah' lioness lioness Leon lion lion Letaah' lizard lizard Livyathan' crocodile leviathan Lukos wolf wolf Meshi thread silk Namar' leopard leopard Nemalah' ant ant Nemar' leopard leopard Neshar', buzzard eagle Nets hawks hawk Ochim' owls doleful Onarion, or onos ass ass Oreb' raven raven Ozinyah' eagle osprey

Parash' steed horse Paradalos leopard leopard Parosh' flea flea Perah' mole mole Pere onager wild ass Pered mule mule Peres eagle ossifrage Pethen serpent adder Raah' vulture glede Racham', vulture gier-eagle Reem buffalo unicorn Rekesh courser swift beast Rem buffalo unicorn Renanah' ostrich ostrich Reym buffalo unicorn Rimmah' worm worm Sair' he-goat satyr Sas moth moth Schecheleth purple shell onycha Selav quail quai Semamith' lizard spider Serekon silk silk Ses moth moth Shablul' snail snail Shachal lion lion Shachaph gull cuckoo Shalak' gannet cormorant Shani' cochineal crimson, scarlet Shaphan' rabbit coney Shephiphon' snake adder Shual' jackal fox Skolex worm worm Skorpis scorpion scorpion Solam' locust bald locust Spongos sponge sponge Stronthios sparrow sparrow Sus horse horse

Sus swallow crane Susah' mare mare Tachash seal badger Tachmas' ostrich night-hawk Tan jackal dragon Tannim' crocodile dragon Tannin' sea-monster whale, etc Tekeleth sea-shell blue: Teo' antelope wild ox Tinshemeth lizard chameleon Tinshemeth heron swan To antelope wild ox Tola' cochineal crimson, etc Tor dove turtle-dove Tragos he-goat goat Trugon dove turtle-dove Tsab lizard tortoise Tsabua hyena speckled Tsebi' (male) gizelle deer Tsebiyah' (female) gazelle roe Tselatsal' cricket locust Tsepha basilisk cockatrice Tsephardea frog frog Tsippor' little bird sparrow Tsirah fly hornet Tsiyim' wild beasts beasts of the desert Tukkiyim peacocks peacocks Yaalah' (female) ibex roe Yaanab' (female) ostrich owl Yachmur' oryx fallow deer Yail' (male) ibex wild goat Yaen' (male) ostrich ostrich Yanshuph, or bittern owl Yelek hairy locust cankerworm, Yon ah' dove dove Zebub' fly fly

Zeeb' wolf wolf Zemer gazelle chamois

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