Zich'ri (Heb. Zikr זַכרַי, umy memorial or memzorable; Sept. Ζεχρί v.r. Ζαχρό, Ζοχοί, Ζαρί, and even sometimes Ζαχαρίας, Ε᾿ζεχρί; Vulg. Zechri), the name of numerous Hebrews.

1. Last named of the three sons of Izhar the son of Kohath of the tribe of Levi (Ex 6:21, where most editions of the A.V. incorrectly have "Zithri"). B.C. cir. 1658.

2. Second named of the nine sons of Shimhi of the tribe of Benjamin (1Ch 8:19). B.C. cir. 1612.

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3. Fifth named of the eleven sons of Shashak of the tribe of Benjamin (1Ch 8:23). B.C. cir. 1612.

4. Last named of the six sons of Jeroham of the, tribe of Benjamin (1Ch 8:27). B.C. cir. 1612. 5. A "son" of Asaph and father of Micah (1Ch 9:15); elsewhere called Zabdi (Ne 11:17) and Zaccur (12, 35).

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6. A descendant of Eliezer the son of Moses, being son of Joram and father of the treasurer Shelomith (1Ch 26:25). B.C. ante 1043.

7. The father of Eliezer, which latter was chief of the Reubenites in David's reign (1Ch 27:16). B.C. ante 1043.

8. A Judahite whose son Amasiah volunteered at the head of 200,000 men in Jehoshaphat's army (2Ch 17:16). B.C. 909.

9. Father of Elishaphat, which latter was one of the conspirators with Jehoiada to restore Joash (2Ch 23:1). B.C. ante 876.

10. An Ephraimitish chief in the invading army of Pekah the son of Remaliah (2Ch 28:7). B.C. cir. 734. It seems that he took advantage of the victory of this monarch over the army of Judah to penetrate into Jerusalem, where he slew one of the sons of Ahaz, the governor of the palace, and the king's chief minister or favorite. SEE AHAZ; SEE PEKAH. There is some probability in the conjecture that he was the "Tabael's son" whom Pekah and Rezin designed to set upon the throne of Judah (Isa 7:6). SEE TABAEL.

11. Father of Joel, which latter was superintendent of the Benjamites after the return from Babylon (Ne 11:9). B.C. ante 536.

12. A priest of the family of Abijah in the days of the high-priest Joiakim the son of Jeshua (Ne 12:17). B.C. cir. 480.

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