Za'bad (Heb. Zabad', זָבָד, gift; Sept. Ζαβέδ v.r. Ζαβέτ or Ζαβάτ. etc.), the name of several Hebrews.

1. One of David's warriors, being son of Nathan and father of Ephlal, in the lineage of Sheshan's daughter Ahlai by the Egyptian slave Jarha (1 Chronicles 2, 36, 37; 11:41). B.C. 1046.

2. An Ephraimite, son of Tahath and father of Shuthelah 2 (1Ch 7:21). B.C. post 1875. 3. The regicide, son of an Ammonitess named Shimeath, who, in conjunction with Jehozabad, the son of a Moabitess, slew king Joash, to whom they were both household officers, in his bed (2Ki 12:21; 2Ch 24:25-26)., In the first of these texts he is called JOZACHAR SEE JOZACHAR (q.v.). The sacred historian does not appear to record the mongrel parentage of these men as suggesting a reason for their being more easily led to this act. but as indicating the sense which was entertained of the enormity of Joash's conduct that even they though servants to the king, and though only half Jews by birth, were led to conspire against him "for the blood of the sons of Jehoiada the priest." It would seem that their murderous act was-not abhorred by the people; for Amaziah, the son of Joash did not venture to call them to account till he felt himself well established on the throne, when they were both put to death (2Ki 14:5-6; 2Ch 25:3-4). Joash had become unpopular from his idolatries (24, 18), his oppression (ver. 22), and, above all, his calamities (ver. 2325). The assassins were both put to death by Amaziah, but their children were spared in obedience to the law of Moses (De 10:14,16). The coincidence between the names Zechariah and Jozachar is remarkable.

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4, 5, 6. Three Israelites, "sons" respectively of Zattu (Ezr 10:27), Hashum (Ezr 10:33), and Nebo (10, 43), who divorced their Gentile wives, married after the return from Babylon. B.C.458.

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