Sloane Codex (Heb)

Sloane Codex (Heb.).

This codex, formerly known as Kenn. 126, is now designated as Sloane 4708. It originally belonged to Da Costa of Amsterdam, and is now in the library of the British Museum. It contains the later prophets. It has no Masoretic notes; but the Keri, vowels, and accents have been added by a later hand. According to Heidenheim, this codex was written between the 6th and 8th centuries; but Strack says, "Hunc codicem esse antiquum libenter concedimus, minime vero plus undecim saecula eum habere demonstratum est, cum e sola literarum figura de librorum Hebraicorum aetate accurate concludi nequeat." Whatever may be the age, the Sloane codex contains a great many various readings as well as omissions. Thus, e.g., we notice:

Isa 1:30, עליה, V.D.H. עלה. Isa 2:6, וכילדי, V.D.H. ובילדי. Isa 3:6,!ידי, V.D.H.!יד. Isa 3:18, יסיר אדני יסיר יהוהIsa 4:4, יהוה אדני, V.D.H. אדני. Isa 6:5, ובתיעִ םטמא שפתי omitted. Isa 7:14, הנה omitted. Isa 11:11, אדני omitted. Isa 17:10, נעמוני, V.D.H., נעמָני. Isa 20:1, סרגי omitted. Isa 25:11, השחה omitted. Isa 27:9, יעקב omitted. Isa 51:18, אשר ילדה, V.D.H. ידרה. Isa 53:11, יראה and צדיק omitted. Isa 56:2, שומר שבת מחללי omitted. Isa 56:7, בית omitted. Isa 56:11, שבעה והמה דעי םלא ידעו omitted. Isa 57:7, ש, V.D.H. שמת. Isa 57:15, לב omitted. Isa 57:18, לו omitted. Isa 60:10,!ישרתונ omitted. Isa 60:19,!ל omitted. Isa 64:8, נה omitted. Isa 65:3, אתי omitted. Isa 65:8, עבדי omitted.

These readings we have taken from Heidenhem's Deutsche Vierteljarsschrift fur engilsch-theologische Forschung und Kritik, where in 1, 268-274, 398-405, 553-562; 2, 73-79, the variations and omissions of this codex are noted down. See also Strack, Prolegomena Critica (Lips. 1873), p. 47. (B.P.)

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