Seventy Disciples of Our Lord

Seventy Disciples Of Our Lord (Lu 10:1,17). These seem to have been appointed in accordance with the symbolism of the seventy members of Jacob's household (Ex 1:5) and, likewise, the seventy elders of the Jews (24:1; Nu 11:16). See SANHEDRIM. The following is the traditionary list of their names (see Townsend, New Test.; and the monographs cited by Danz, Worterb. s.v. "Lucas," Nos. 60-63; and by Hase, Leben Jesu, p. 165):

1. Agabus the prophet. 2. Amphias of Odyssus, sometimes called Amphiatus. 3. Ananias, who baptized Paul, bishop of Damascus. 4. Andronicus of Pannonia, or Spain. 5. Apelles of Smyrna, or Heraclea. 6. Apollo of Caesarea. 7. Aristarchus of Apamea. 8. Aristobulus of Britain. 9. Artemas of Lystra.

10. Asyncritus of Hyrcania. 11. Barnabas of Milan. 12. Barnabas of Heraclea. 13. Caesar of Dyrrachium. 14. Caius of Ephesus. 15. Corpus of Berytus in Thrace. 16. Cephas, bishop of Konia. 17. Clemens of Sardinia. 18. Cleophas of Jerusalem. 19. Crescens of Chalcedon in Galatia. 20. Damus, a priest of idols. 21. Epenetus of Carthage. 22. Epaphroditus of Andriace. 23. Erastus of Paneas, or of the Philippians. 24. Evodias of Antioch. 25. Hermas of Philippi, or Philippolis. 26. Hermes of Dalmatia. 27. Hermogenes, who followed Simon Magus. 28. Hermogenes, bishop of the Megarenes. 29. Herodion of Tarsus. 30. James, the brother of our Lord, at Jerusalem. 31. Jason of Tarsus. 32. Jesus Justus, bishop of Eleutheropolis. 33. Linus of Rome. 34. Luke the Evangelist. 35. Lucius of Laodicea in Syria. 36. Mark, who is also John, of Biblopolis, or Biblus. 37. Mark the Evangelist, bishop of Alexandria. 38. Mark, the nephew of Barnabas, bishop of Apollonia. 39. Matthias, afterwards the apostle. 40. Narcissus of Athens. 41. Nicanor, who died when Stephen suffered martyrdom. 42. Nicolaus of Samaria. 43. Olympius, a martyr at Rome. 44. Onesiphorus, bishop of Corone. 45. Parmenas of the Soli. 46. Patrobulus, the same with Patrobas (Ro 16:14) of Puteoli, or, according to others, of Naples.

47. Philemon of Gaza. 48. Philemon, called in the Acts Philip, who baptized the eunuch of Candace, of Trallium, in Asia. 49. Philologus of Sinope. 50. Phlegon, bishop of Marathon. 51. Phigellus of Ephesus, who followed Simon Magus. 52. Prochorus of Nicomedia, in Bithynia. 53. Pudens. 54. Quartus of Berytus. 55. Rhodion, a martyr at Rome. 56. Rufus of Thebes. 57. Silas of Corinth. 58. Sylvanus of Thessalonica. 59. Sosipater of Iconium. 60. Sosthenes of Colophon. 61. Stachys of Byzantium. 62. Stephen, the first martyr. 63. Tertius of Iconium. 64. Thaddaeus, who carried the epistle of Jesus to Edessa, to Abgarus. 65. Timon of Bostra of the Arabians. 66. Trophimus, who suffered martyrdom with Paul. 67. Tychicus, bishop of Chalcedon, of Bithynia. 68. Tychicus of Colophon. 69. Urbanus of Macedonia. 70. Zenas of Diospolis.

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