Ramoth (2)

Ra'moth (Heb. Ramoth', רָמוֹת [but רָאמוֹת in De 4:43; Jos 20:8; 1Ch 6:73,80], heights, plur. of Ramah [q.v.]; Sept. usually ῾Ραμώθ), but ῾Ρημώθ in Ezr 10:29, ῾Ραμμώθ in 2Ch 2:3,5, etc.), the name of three towns in Palestine, and also of one man.

1. (Sept. ἡ ῾Ραμώθ.) One of the four Levitical cities of Issachar according to the catalogue in 1Ch 6:73. In the parallel list in Jos 21:28-29, among other variations, JARIMUTH SEE JARIMUTH (q.v.) appears in place of Ramoth. It seems impossible to decide which is the correct reading; or whether, again, REMETH SEE REMETH (q.v.), a town of Issachar, is distinct from them, or one and the same.

2. A city in the tribe of Gad (De 4:43; Jos 20:8; Jos 21:38; 1Ch 6:80), elsewhere called RAMOTH-GILEAD SEE RAMOTH-GILEAD (q.v.).

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3. (Sept. ῾Ραμᾶ.) A city in the tribe of Simeon ("South Ramoth," 1Sa 30:27). SEE RAMATH-NEGEB.

4. (Heb. text Yirmoth', יַרמוֹת, marg. ve-Ramoth', ורָמוֹת, and Ramoth; Sept. Ρημώθ v. r. Μημών.) An Israelitish layman of the sons of Bani, who renounced his strange wife at Ezra's instigation (Ezr 10:29). B.C. 458.

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