Purse (כַּיס, kis, Pr 1:14; a "bag" for money, Isa 46:6, or for weights, De 25:13: Pr 16:11; Mic 6:11; βαλάντιον, Lu 10:4; Lu 12:23 [" bag";1 22:35, 36; but ζώνη, Mt 10:9; Mr 6:8, is the gin-dle, as elsewhere rendered). The Hebrews, when on a journey, were provideed with a bag, in which they carried their money (Ge 43:34; Pr 1:14; Pr 7:20; Isa 46:6), and if they were merchants, also their weights (De 25:13; Mic 6:11). This bag is variouslv termed in Iheb. כַּים, kis (as above); צרוֹר , tseror; and חָרַיט, charit. The last occurs only in 2 Kings v, 23 ( bags"); Isa 3:22 (A. V. "crisping-pins"). The latter is supposed to refer to the long, round form of the purse. The money-bag is described in the New Test. by the terms βαλάντιον (as above, peculiar to Lu 10:4; Lu 12:33; Lu 22:35-36), and γλωσσόκομον (peculiar to Joh 12:6; Joh 13:29). The former is a classical term (Plato, Coulit. p. 190, σύσπαστα βαλάντια); the latter is connected with the classical γλωσσοκομεῖον, which originally meant the bag in which musicians carried the mouthpieces of their instruments. In the Sept. the term is applied to the chest for the offerings at the Temple (2Ch 24:8,10-11), and was hence adopted by John to describe the common purse carried by the disciples. The girdle also served as a purse, and hence the term ζώνη occurs in Mt 10:9; Mr 6:8. SEE GIRDLE. Ladies wore ornamental purses (Isa 3:23). The Rabbinists forbade any one passing through the Temple with stick, shoes, and purse, these three being the indications of travelling (Mishna, Berachoth, 9, § 5). SEE BAG; SEE MONEY.

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