Perez (2)

Perez a name common to many Jewish literati, of whom we mention the following:

1. BEN-ELIJA, also called Raph (ר8Š, also מהר8Š ), a pupil of R. Jechiel of Paris, lived at Corbeil, and died about 1300. He wrote many Tosafoth or additamenta to the Talmud, viz. to the treatises Beza, Nazir, Nedarim, Sanhedrim, Maccoth, and Meila, reprinted in the editions of the Talmud. He also wrote additamenta to the treatise Baba Kama (בבא קמא), which was published, according to a recension of one of his pupils, by Abr. Venano (Livorno, 1819). His Tosafoth to Zebachim (מ8 זבָחַים) is reprinted in Pietosi's כפרה מזמח (ibid. 1810). See Furst, Bibl. Jud. 3:77; Zunz, Zur Geschichte u. Literatur, p. 38, 41, 46, 52, 59, 119, 193, 205, 565. (B.P.)

2. BEN-ISAAC HA-COHEN, a jurist of high repute, a great cabalist, and a celebrated physician, was born about 1241 at Gerona. He wrote a highly esteemed work, מִעֲרֶכֶת הָאֶלָהוּת, "the Dispositions of the Divinity," which treats in fifteen sections of the system of Cabala. It was first planted at Ferrara in 1558, and often since; lastly at Zolkiew in 1779. See Furst, Bibl. Jud. 3:77; De Rossi, Dizimonrio storico deenli autori Ebrei, p 260 (Germ. transl. by Hamburger); LindoI Hist. of the Jews in Spain and Portugal, p. 81; Zunz, Z r Geschichle u. Literatur, p. 480. (B. P.)

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3. JEHUDA LEON BEN-JOSEPH, who lived at the beginning of the 18th century, was rabbi at Venice and Amsterdam. He wrote, עשרת הדברים, the Decalogue, in a poetical Aramaico-Arabic paraphrase, etc. (Amsterdam, 1737): — Fundamento solilo, a compendium of Jewish theology, which treats, in twelve chapters, of the fundamental principles of the Jewish religion — God, cosmology, faith, legislature, the thirteen articles of faith, asceticism, ethics, providence, etc.; it was written in Spanish, and published in 1729: — שירי רחמים, mystical and cabalistic treatises (Venice, 1716): — פֶּרִח לבָנוֹן, excerpts of discourses delivered at Venice, which bear upon the Pentateuch (Berlin, 1712). See Furst, Bibl. Jud. 3:77 sq.; De Rossi, Dizionario storico degli autori Ebrei, p. 259 sq. (Germ. transl. by Hamburger); Jocher, Allgemeines Gelehrten-Lexikon, s.v.; Wolf, Bibl. Hebr. 3:315 sq. (B. P.)

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