Oreb, the Rock

O'reb, The Rock (צוּר עוֹרֵב; Sept. in Judges Σούρ, v. r. Σουρείν; in Isaiah, τόπος θλίψεως; Vulg. Petra Oreb, and Horeb), the "raven's crag," the spot at which the Midianitish chieftain Oreb, with thousands of his countrymen, fell by the hand of the Ephraimites. and which probably acquired its name therefrom. It is mentioned in Jg 7:25, and Isa 10:26. Some have inferred that the rock Oreb and the winepress Zeeb were on the east side of the Jordan (Gesenius, Rosenmüller, etc.). Perhaps the place called Orbo (ערבו), which in the Bereshith Rabba (Reland, Palaest. p. 913) is stated to have been in the neighborhood of Bethshean, may have some connection with it. Rabbi Judah (Ber. Ra'bba, ib.) was of opinion that the Orebim ("ravens") who ministered to Elijah were no ravens, but the people of this Orbo or of the rock Oreb, an idea upon which even St. Jerome himself does not look with entire disfavor (Comm. in Isaiah 15:7), and which has met in later times with some supporters. But a more careful examination' of the same narrative renders it clear that the locality of Oreb's death was on the west side of the Jordan, and that the Ephraimites, having there intercepted the Midianites, afterwards brought the heads of the foe to Gideon after he had crossed the Jordan (see Keil, Comment. ad loc.). A writer in Fairbairn's Dictionary, s.v. Keiz, suggests the low projecting point opposite the Jericho ford, still bearing the, equivalent title of Eshel- Ghirah, "the Raven's Nest" (Robinson, Later Bib. Res. p. 293).; but this is rather far south, and needs further examination.

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