Mil'lo (Heb. always with the art. ham millo', המַּלּוֹא the fulness; Sept. [Alex.] in 1 Kings 9 only ἡ Μελιο; Vulg. Mello), properly a mound or rampart, as being filled in with stones and earth; hence a fortress or castle; applied to two structures or fortifications:

(a) According to Gesenius (Thes. Heb. page 789), a part of the citadel of Jerusalem, probably the rampart or intrenchment; or, as Winer thinks (Worterb. s.v.), the tower afterwards called Hippicus (2Sa 5:9; 1Ki 9:15,24; 1Ki 11:27; 1Ch 11:8; 2Ch 32:5). In the last of these texts, where David is said to have restored or fortified the Millo "of" (not "in") the city of David, the Sept. has τὸ ἀνάλῃμμα τῆς πόλεως, "the fortification of the city of David;" in the other passages it has simply ἄκρα, the mound or tower. The Targum merely Chaldaizes the Heb. term (מלֵיתָא מִליתָא, vallum) "Both name and thing seem to have been already in existence when the city was taken from the Jebusites by David. His first occupation, after getting possession, was to build around about, from the Millo and to the house' (A.V. 'inward.' 2Sa 5:9); or, as the parallel passage has it, 'he built the city round about, and from the Millo round about' (1Ch 11:8). Its repair or restoration was one of the great works for which Solomon raised his 'levy' (1Ki 9:15,24; 1Ki 11:27); and it formed a prominent part of the fortifications by which Hezekiah prepared for the approach of the Assyrians (2Ch 32:5)." The same place is probably meant by the "house of Millo," where Joash was killed (2Ki 12:21). Others are of the opinion that Millo was the name of a valley in Jerusalem, which separated ancient Jebus from the city of David, but which was afterwards filled up by David and Solomon (Barclay, City of the Great King, page 113). Schwarz (Pcrlest. page 241) holds that it was on the eastern declivity towards the spring of Siloam (reading Shiloah for Silla). The most natural impression from the notices is that it was some region or space adjacent to Mount Zion, perhaps that portion of the Tyropoeon enclosed by the first wall, the bridge, and the Temple. (See Lightfoot, Works, 2:189; — Hamelsveld, Bibl. Geogr. 2:46 sq.; Ewald, Jsr. Gesch. 3:70; Strong's

Harm. and Expos. of the Gospels, Append. 2, page 24; Schulz, Jerusalem, page 80.) SEE JERUSALEM.

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(b) The fortress or citadel of Shechem, all the occupants or garrison of which joined in proclaiming Abimelech their king (Jg 9:6,20). SEE BETH-MILLO; SEE SILLA.

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