Meshul'lam (Hebrews Meshullam', משֻׁלָּם, befriended; Sept. usually Μοσολλάμ), the name of several persons in the later periods of Jewish history.

1. One of the chief Gadites resident in Bashan in the time of Jotham's viceroyship (1Ch 5:13). B. C. 781.

2. The father of Azaliah and grandfather of Shaphan, which last was the scribe sent by Josiah to direct the contributions for repairing the Temple (2Ki 22:3). BC. considerably ante 623.

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3. A priest, son of Zadok and father of Hilkiah (1Ch 9:11; Ne 11:11). Probably the same as SHALLUM (q.v.), the high- priest (1Ch 6:13; Ezr 7:1).

4. A Levite of the family of Kohath, one of the overseers of the Temple repairs undertaken by Josiah (2Ch 34:12). BC. 623.

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5. One of the chief Benjamites of the family of Elpaal resident at Jerusalem (1Ch 8:17). BC. ante 589. He is perhaps the-Benjamite (son of Hodaviah, and grandson of Hasenuah) whose son (or descendant) Sallu resided at Jerusalem after the captivity (1Ch 9:7); but this person seems elsewhere to be called the son of Joed (Ne 11:7).

6. The eldest of the children of Zerubbabel (1Ch 3:19). BC. cir. 536.

7. A chief priest, son of Ezra, contemporary with Joiakim (Ne 12:13). BC. post 536.

8. A chief priest, son of Ginnethon, contemporary with Joiakim (Ne 12:16). BC. post 536.

9. One of the leading Israelites sent for by Ezra to accompany his party to Jerusalem (Ezr 8:16). BC. 459. He appears to be the same with one of those who assisted in the investigation concerning the foreign marriages of those who had returned (Ezr 10:15). He was perhaps the same with one of the Temple wardens, as afterwards arranged (Ne 12:25). BC. cir. 440. This last is also called MESHELEMIAH (1Ch 26:1), SHELEMIAH (1Ch 26:14), and SHALLUM (Ne 7:45). -: ;.'

10. An Israelite, of the " sons" '(or residents) of Bani, who divorced his Gentile wife after the exile (Ezr 10:29). BC. 459.

11. A priest, son of Meshillemith and father of Jahzerah (1Ch 9:12; comp. Ne 11:13). BC. long ante 440.

12. The son of Berechiah and grandson of Meshezabeel; he repaired two portions of the walls of Jerusalem after the captivity (Ne 3:4,30). BC. 446. It was his daughter that Tobiah's son Johanan married (Ne 6:18).

13. The son of Besodeiah, who, in connection with Jehoiada, repaired the "old gate" of Jerusalem after the exile (Ne 3:6). BC. 446.

14. One of the Jewish leaders who made the tour of the walls of Jerusalem on their completion after the captivity (Ne 12:33). BC. 446.

15. A chief Benjamite (son of Shephathiah), who dwelt at Jerusalem after the captivity (1Ch 9:8). BC. cir. 440.

16. One of the principal Israelites who supported Ezra on the left while expounding the law to the people (Ne 8:4). BC. cir. 410. He may have been identical with No. 9, 12, 13, 14, or 15. He is probably the same with one of those who subscribed the sacred covenant on the same occasion (Ne 10:20).

17. One of the priests who joined in Nehemiah's solemn bond of allegiance to Jehovah (Ne 10:7). BC. cir. 410. He is perhaps the same with either. No. 6 or No.7.

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