Mattani'ah (Heb. Mattanyah', מִתִּניָה, gift of Jehovah, also in the prolonged form Mattanya'hul, מִתִּניָהוּ, 1Ch 25:4,16; 2Ch 29:13; Sept. Ματθανίας or Ματθανία v. r. Μαθθάν and Βατθανίας), the name of several men.

1. A Levite, one of the sons of Heman, appointed by David Temple singers, and head of the ninth class of musicians (1Ch 25:4,16). B.C. 1014. He is possibly the same with the father of Jeiel, and ancestor of the Jahaziel who predicted Jehoshaphat's victory over the Moabites (2Ch 20:14).

2. A Levite of the descendants of Asaph, who assisted in purifying the Temple at the reformation undertaken by Hezekiah (2Ch 29:13). B.C. 726.

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3. The original name of ZEDEKIAH SEE ZEDEKIAH (q.v.), the last king of Judah (2Ki 24:17). In like manner Pharach had changed the name of his brother Eliakim to Jehoiakim on a similar occasion (2Ki 23:34), when he restored the succession to the elder branch of the royal family (comp. 2Ki 23:31,36).

4. An Israelite of the "sons" (residents) of Elam, who divorced his Gentile wife after the captivity (Ezr 10:26). B.C. 459.

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5. Another Israelite of the "sons" (residents) of Zattu, who did the same (Ezr 10:27). B.C. 459.

6. Another Israelite of the "sons" (i.e. inhabitants) of Pahath-Moab, who did likewise (Ezr 10:30). B.C. 459.

7. Another Israelite of the descendants (or residents) of Bani, who acted similarly (Ezr 10:37). B.C. 459.

8. A descendant of Asalph (but named as one of "the priests' sons," i.e. perhaps assistants, for Asaph was only a Levite), and great-grandfather of the Zechariah who assisted in celebrating upon trumpets the completion of the walls of Jerusalem (Ne 12:35). B.C. much ante 446. His father's name, Michaiah, and grandfather's, Zaccur, present features of identity with Nos. 9 and 10, but in other respects the notices are different. Some interpreters suspect a corruption of the text, and in that case all discrepancies may be removed.

9. A Levite, son of Micah, of the family of Asaph, resident in the neighborhood of Jerusalem after the exile (1Ch 9:15). B.C. cir. 440. He is evidently the same with the leader of those who offered prayer and praise in the Temple after the captivity (Ne 11:17; Ne 12:8), and also guarded the gates (Ne 12:25). He also appears to be the same with the father of Hashabiah and great-grandfather of Uzzi, mentioned as one of the chief Levites in the same connection (Ne 12:22), but in that case he must have been a very aged man at the time. See also No. 8.

10. A Levite; father of Zaccur, and grandfather of the Hanan whom Nehemiah set over the distribution of the tithes (Ne 13:13). B.C. considerably ante 410. See also No. 8.

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