Leg is the rendering of several words in the A.V. Usually the Heb. term is כָּרָע, karla' (only in the dual כּרָעִיַם), the lower limb or shank of an animal (Ex 12:9; Ex 29:17; Le 1:9,13; Le 4:11; Le 8:21; Le 9:14; Am 3:12) or a locust (Le 11:21); the σκέλος of a man (Joh 19:31-33). שֹׁוֹק, shôk (Chald. שָׁק, shâk, of an image, Da 2:33), is properly the shin or lower part of the leg, but used of the whole limb, e.g. of a person (De 28:13; Ps 147:10; Pr 26:7; "thigh," Isa 47:2; in the phrase "hip [q.v.] and thigh," Jg 15:7; spoken also of the drawers or leggins, Song of Solomon v. 15); also the "heave shoulder" (q.v.) of the sacrifice (Ex 29:22, etc.; 1Sa 9:24). Once by an extension of רֶגֶל, re'gel (1Sa 17:6), properly a foot (as usually rendered). Elsewhere improperly for שֹׁבֶל, sho'bel, the train or trailing dress of a female (Isa 47:2); and צעָדָה, tseada', a step-chain for the feet, or perh. bracelet for the wrist ("ornament of the leg," Isa 3:20). SEE THIGH.

Goliath's greaves for his legs doubtless extended from the knee to the foot (1Sa 17:6). SEE GREAVES. The bones of the legs of persons crucified were broken to hasten their death (Joh 19:31). SEE CRUCIFIXION.

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