Joz'abad (Heb. Yozabad', יוֹזָבָד, a contraction for JEHOZABAD; Sept. Ι᾿ωζαβάδ, but sometimes in Chronicles Ι᾿ωζαβάθ v.r. Ι᾿ωζαβαίθ, Ι᾿εζεβούθ; also Ι᾿ωσαβέδ or Ι᾿ωσαβάδ in Nehemiah; Auth. Vers. "Josabad" in 1Ch 12:4), the name of several men.

1. A Gederathite, one of the famous Benjamite archers who joined David at Ziklag (1Ch 12:4). B.C. 1055.

2. A chiliarch of Manasseh, who reinforced David on retreating to Zildag (1Ch 12:20), B.C. 1053.

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3. Another chiliarch of Manasseh, who deserted Saul's cause for that of David when he made Ziklag his residence (1Ch 12:20); it is possible, however, that the name has been erroneously repeated for the preceding. B.C. 1053.

4. Probably a Levite, one of the persons charged with the care of the Temple offerings under the superintendence of Cononiah and Shimei, at the reformation by Hezekiah (2Ch 31:13). B.C. 726.

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5. One of the chief Levites who made offerings for the renewal of the Temple services under Josiah (2Ch 35:9). B.C. 623.

6. A son of Jeshua, and one of the Levites who took account of the precious metals and vessels offered for the Temple by the Israelites who declined personally to return from the captivity (Ezr 8:33). B.C. 459. He was probably the same with one of the chief Levites who "had the oversight of the outward matters of the house of God" after the reestablishment at Jerusalem (Ne 11:16). B.C. cir. 440. He was possibly identical with No. 8.

7. An Israelite, one of the "sons" of Pashur, who divorced his Gentile wife after the exile (Ezr 10:22). B.C. 459.

8. One of the Levite who divorced his heathen wife after the return from Babylon (Ezr 10:23). B.C. 459. He is probably identical with one of the Levites who assisted Ezra in expounding the Law to the people assembled in the Tyropoeon (Ne 8:7). B.C. cir. 410.

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