Joga (2)

Joga in Hinduism, is the world's age, according to which the whole Indian chronology is regulated. The earth, according to this system, stands 12,000 divine years, of which each contains 360 common years, together, 4,320,000 of our years. These 4,000,000 years are divided into four Jogas, which have their particular names. The first is called Krita-Joga, and lasts 4000 divine years; the second, Treta-Joga, lasting 3000 divine years; the third, Dwapar-Joga, lasting 2000 divine years; and the last is called Kali- Joga. In this we live, and it lasts 1000 divine years. Between each of these Jogas there is a twilight period, after the first, of 800 divine years, after the second, of 600 divine years, after the third, of 400 divine years, after the fourth, of 200 divine years. This entire period is called Maha-Joga, or Sadir-Joga. 1000 Maha-Jogas are 4,320,000,000 of our years, and this makes one day of Brahma. The night is equally long, together, 8,640,000,000. In this night all things are dissolved until Brahma wakes up and re-enlivens them. Such a Sadir-Joga, taken 360 times, forms a year of Brahma, namely, 3,110,400,000,000 of our years. Brahma lives 100 such years, namely, 311,040,000,000,000. After Brahma's death an equally long period of destruction follows. After 622,080,000,000,000 years Brahma comes to life again, and the circle of days and nights begin anew. The last mentioned figure forms a day of Vishnu; 360 of these days form one of his years. His life lasts 100 such years, making a round sum of 22,394,880,000,000,000,000. Probably Shiva would have a still longer life had the Shivaites not made their god immortal.

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