Jero'ham (Heb. Yerocham', ירֹחָם, cherished), the name of several men.

1. (Sept. ῾Ιερεμεήλ, ῾Ιεροβοάμ, ῾Ιερεάμ.) The son of Elihu (Eliab, Eliel), and father of Elkanah, Samuel's father (1Sa 1:1; 1Ch 6:27,34). B.C. ante 1142.

2. (Sept. Ι᾿εροάμ v.r. Ι᾿ροάμ) An inhabitant of Gedor, and father of Joelah and Zebadiah, two of the Benjamite archers who joined David's band at Ziklag (1Ch 12:7). B.C. ante 1055.

Bible concordance for JEROHAM.

3. (Sept. Ι᾿ωράμ v.r. Ι᾿ρωάβ) The father of Azareel, which latter was "captain" of the tribe of Dan under David and Solomon (1Ch 27:22). B.C. ante 1017.

4. (Sept. Ι᾿ωράμ.) Father of Azariah, which latter is the first mentioned of the two of that name among the "captains of hundreds" with whom Jehoiada planned the restoration of prince Jehoash to the throne (2Ch 23:1). B.C. ante 876.

See also the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia.

5. (Sept. Ι᾿εροάμ v.r. Ι᾿ροάμ.) The father of several Benjamite chiefs resident at Jerusalem (1Ch 7:27). B.C. appar. ante 588. See No. 6; also JEREMOTH, 4.

6. (Sept. Ι᾿εροάμ v.r. Ι᾿εροβοάμ) The father of Ibneiah, which latter was one of the Benjamite chiefs resident at Jerusalem (1Ch 9:8). B.C. apparently ante 536. Possibly identical with the preceding.

7. (Sept. Ι᾿εραάμ v.r. Ι᾿ραάμ) The son of Pashur, and father of Adaiah, which last was one of the chief priests resident at Jerusalem (1Ch 9:12). B.C. apparently ante 536.

8. (Sept. ῾Ιεροάμ) The son of Pelaliah, and father of Adaiah, which last was one of the chief priests resident at Jerusalem after the Exile (Ne 11:12). B.C. ante 440. Perhaps, however, this Jeroham was the same with No. 7.

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