Jehal'elel (2Ch 29:12). SEE JEHALELEEL, 2. Jehdei'ah [some Jehde'iah or Jehdei'ah] (Hebrew Yechdeyah', only in the paragogic form

יֶחדּיָהוּ, Vecideya'hu, rejoicer in Jehovah; Sept. Ι᾿αδαϊvα, Ι᾿αδίας), the name of two men.

1. A descendant of Shubael or Shebuel, of the family of Gershom, who appears to have been head of a division of the Levitical Temple attendants as arranged by David (1Ch 24:20; comp. 23:16). B.C. 1014.

Bible concordance for JEHALELEL.

2. A Meronothite, and herdsman of the royal asses under David and Solomon (1Ch 27:30). B.C. 1014. Jehez'ekel (1Ch 24:16). SEE EZEKIEL, 1. Jehi'ah (Hebrew Yechiyah', יחַיָּה, Jehovah's living one; Sept. Ι᾿εαϊά), a Levite associated with Obed-edom as door- keeper of the sacred ark when brought by David to Jerusalem (1Ch 15:24); elsewhere (ver. 18) called JEHIEL SEE JEHIEL (q.v.). Jehi'el (Heb. Yechiel', יחַיאֵל, God's living one),. the name of several men.

1. (1Ch 9:35.) SEE JEIEL, 1.

2. (1Ch 11:44.) SEE JEIEL, 2.

3. (Sept. Ι᾿εϊήλ or Ι᾿ειήλ, but v.r. Ι᾿αδιήλ in 1Ch 16:5.) One of the Levites "of the second degree" appointed by David to execute the music on the occasion of the removal of the ark to Jerusalem (1Ch 15:18; 1Ch 20, in which latter passage they are said to have performed "with psalteries on Alamoth"). He is apparently the same with the person mentioned (verse 24) by the synonymous name JEHIAH, although; from the similar collocation of names, others have confounded this with the JEIEL of ch. 16:5, a name of different signification. He is probably identical with the one named as chief amongst the three descendants of Laadan (i.e. Libni) arranged by David in charge of the Temple porters (1Ch 23:8, and hence likewise with the Gershonite with whom were deposited the gems offered by the people for the sacred structures and utensils (1Ch 29:8). B.C. 1043-1014. It is doubtless his descendants who were called JEHIELITES (Hebrew Yechieli, יחַיאֵלַי Sept. Ι᾿ειήλ, A.V. "Jehieli," 1Ch 26:21-22).

4. (Sept. Ι᾿εριήλ, Ι᾿εήλ, Vulg. Jahiel.) A Hachmonite ("son of Hachmoni") who appears to have been tutor in the royal family towards the close of David's reign (1Ch 27:32). B.C. cir. 1030. "The mention of Ahithophel (ver. 33) seems to fix the date of this list. as before the revolt. In Jerome's Qucest. lebraicce on this passage, Jehiel is said to be David's son Chileab or Daniel; and 'Achamoni,' interpreted as Sapientissi mus, is taken as an alias of David himself" (Smith).

5. (Sept. Ι᾿εϊήλ) The second-named of the six sons of king Jehoshaphat (2Ch 21:2), exclusive of his first-born and heir, Jehoram, who, on his accession, murdered all his brothers (verse 4). B.C. 887.

6. (Sept. Ι᾿εϊήλ) A descendant of Heman, and one of the Levites who assisted Hezekiah in his reformation of the public religion (2Ch 29:14, where the Hebrew text has יחוּאֵל, Vechuel'), and who eventually was appointed one of the superintendents. of the sacred offerings (31:13). B.C. 726.

7. (Sept. Ι᾿εϊήλ.) One of those who contributed liberally to the renewal of the Temple sacrifices under Josiah; stated to have been a "prince" or courtier, and, at the same time. a:' ruler of the house of God," which implies some union of civil and religious functions (2Ch 35:8). B.C. 623.

8. (Sept. Ι᾿εειήλ v.r. Ι᾿εϊήλ.) The father of Obadiah, which latter returned with his relatives of the sons of Joab, 218 males, from Babylon with Ezra (Ezr 8:9). B.C. ante 459.

9. (Sept. Ι᾿εήλ v.r. Ι᾿εειήλ, also Ι᾿αϊήλ v.r. Αἰειήλ) One of the "sons" of Elam (? Persian) who divorced his Gentile wife after the exile (Ezr 10:26); probably the same with the father of Shechaniah, who proposed that measure (verse 2). B.C. 459.

10. (Sept. Ι᾿ειήλ v.r. Ι᾿εήλ) One of the priests, "sons" of Harim, who divorced his Gentile wife after the captivity (Ezr 10:21). B.C. 459.

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