Jeï'el (Heb. Yeiel', יעַיאֵל, snatched away by God), the name of several men. SEE JEHIEL; SEE JEUEL. 1. (Text יעַואֵל [ i.e. Jeuel], Sept. Ι᾿ειήλ v.r. Ι᾿εήλ, Vulg. Jehiel, Auth. Version "Jehiel.") A descendant of Benjamin, apparently named as the founder of and resident at Gibeon, the husband of Maachah, and the father of a large family (1Ch 9:35; comp. 8:29). B.C. prob. cir. 1618.

2. (Text יעַוֹאֵל [i.e. Jeuel], Sept. Ι᾿εϊήλ or Ι᾿ειήλ, Vulg. Jediel, Auth. Vers. "Jehiel.") An Aroerite, son of Hothan, and brother of Shama, one of David's supplementary heroes (1Ch 11:44). B.C. 1046.

3. (Sept. Ι᾿εϊήλ,Vulg. Jehiel, but Jahiel in the first occurrence in 1Ch 16:5.) One of the Levites appointed by David to celebrate the divine praises before the ark on its removal to Jerusalem (1Ch 16:5); apparently the same mentioned again in the latter part of the same verse as a performer on "psalteries and harps;" named elsewhere in like connection with Obededom, either as a gate warden of the Temple (1Ch 15:18,21), or as one of the sacred musicians "with harps on the Sheminith to excel" (1Ch 15:21). B.C. 1043. SEE JEHIEL, 1.

4. (Sept. Ε᾿λεήλ v.r. Ε᾿λεϊήλ, Ε᾿λειήλ, also Ι᾿ειήλ, Vulg. Jehiel.) A Levite, son of Mattaniah and father of Benaiah, great grandfather of Jahaziel, who predicted success to Jehoshaphat against the Ammonites and Moabites (2Ch 20:14). B.C. considerably ante 890.

5. (Text יעַואֵל [i.e. Jeuel], Sept. Ι᾿εϊήλ, Vulg. Jehiel.) A scribe charged, in connection with others, with keeping the account of Uzziah's troops (2Ch 26:11). B.C. 803.

6. (Sept. Ι᾿ωήλ,,Vulg. Jehiel.) A chief Reubenite at the time of the taking of some census, apparently on the deportation of the trans-Jordanic tribes by Tilgath-pilneser (1Ch 5:7). B.C. 782.

7. (Text יעַואֵל [i.e. Jeuel], Sept. Ι᾿εϊήλ,Vulg. Jahiel.) A Levite of the "sons" of Elizaphan, one of those who assisted in expurgating the Temple in the reign of Hezekiah (2Ch 29:13). B.C. 726.

8. (Sept. Ι᾿εϊήλ,Vulg. Jehiel.) One of the chief Levites who made an offering for the restoration of the Passover by Josiah (2Ch 35:9). B.C. 623.

9. (Text יעַואֵל [i.e. Jeuel], Sept. Ι᾿εήλ v.r. Ε᾿ϊήλ, Vulg. Jehiel.) One of the "last sons" of Adonikam, a leading Israelite, who, with seventy males, returned from Babylon with Ezra (Ezr 8:13). B.C. 459.

10. (Sept. Ι᾿εεήλ v.r. Ι᾿αήλ,Vulg. Jehiel.) An Israelite, one of the "sons" of Nebo, who divorced his Gentile wife after the Exile (Ezr 10:43). B.C. 459.

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