Heap The Hebrew word גָּרַישׁ, gadish', rendered "'tomb" in Job 21:32, and "heap" in the margin, properly signifies a stack, a heap, hence a tomb, tuzmulus, a sepulchral mound that was made by a pile of earth or stones. The ancient tumuli were heaps of earth or stone, and probably such a pile was usually made over a grave as a monument. Travelers in the East have often seen heaps of stones covering over or marking the place of graves. The Hebrew phrase גִּל אֲבָנַים גָּרֹל gal abanim' gadol', rendered "a great heap of stones," refers to the heaps or tumuli which were raised over those whose death was either infamous or attended with some very remarkable circumstances. Such was the monument raised over the grave of Achan (Jos 7:26); and over that of the king of Ai (Jos 8:29). The burying of Absalom was distinguished by a similar erection, as a monument of his disgrace to future ages (2Sa 18:17). The same word גִּל, gal, is commonly used in reference to the heaps or ruins of walls and cities (Job 8:17; Isa 25:2; Isa 51:23; Jer 9:10). Modern travelers abundantly testify to the accurate fulfillment of Scripture prophecy in relation to the sites of numerous ancient cities, particularly of such as were doomed to become desolate heaps (Bastow). SEE PILLAR; SEE STONE. Other Heb. terms translated heap are: חֹמֶר, cho'mer, a pile (Ex 8:14, elsewhere a HOMER, as a measure); מעַי, mei', a heap of rubbish (Isa 17:1); נֵד ', ned, a mound (Isa 17:11; poet. of waves, Ex 15:8; Jos 3:13,16; Ps 33:7; Ps 78:13); עֲרֵמָה, aremah', a pile (e.g. of rubbish, Ne 3:32; of grain, Song 7:3; of sheaves, Ru 3:7; Ne 13:15; Hag 2:16, etc.); תֵּל, tel, a hill (Jos 11:13; espec. a mound of rubbish, De 12:17; Jos 8:28; Jer 49:2, etc.); with others of a more miscellaneous signification. SEE MOUND.

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