Ha'rim (Heb. Charim', חָרַם, for חָרַים, i. q. חָרוּם) flat-nosed; Sept. ᾿Ηράμ, but with many v.r. especially Χαρήμ in 1Ch 24:8, ᾿Ηρίμ in Ezr 2:39, Ι᾿ραμ in Ne 10:5, and 'Api in Ne 12:15), the names of several men, mostly about the time of the Captivity..

1. The head of the second "course" of priests as arranged by David (1Ch 24:8). B.C. 1014.

2. Apparently an Israelite, whose descendants, to the number of 320 males, or 1017 in all, returned from Babylon with Zerubbabel (Ezr 2:32,39; Ne 7:35,42. But as among these some are enumerated (Ezr 10:21), as priests in the corresponding lists of those who renounced their Gentile wives, and others (Ezr 10:31) as; ordinary Israelites, it may be doubted whether Harim was not rather a place whose inhabitants are here spoken of, like others in the same list. Accordingly,. Schwarz identifies it with a village Charism, situated, according to him, on a bay of the sea eight Eng. miles northeast of Jaffa (Palest. p. 142). He probably means el- Haran-Ali-Ibn-Aleim (Robinson, Researches, 3, 46),. but his explanation of the compound name is not at all. satisfactory. A better supposition, perhaps, is that Harim in these latter passages stands patronymically as a. representation of the family, q.d. Bene-Harim. SEE ELAM.

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3. The father of Malchijah, which latter repaired part of the walls of Jerusalem (Ne 3:11). B.C. ante: 446. Perhaps identical with No. 2.

4. One of the priests that returned from Babylon. with Zerubbabel (Ne 12:3, where the name is given' as REHUMI; but compare ver. 15, where his son Adna is named). B.C. 536. Perhaps the same as No. 3.

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5. One of those named first among the signers of the. sacred covenant of Nehemiah (Ne 10:5). B.C. cir.. 410. Perhaps 1. q. No. 3.

6. Another, a chief of the people, in the same list. (ver. 27). B.C. cir. 410. Perhaps to be explained like No. 2.

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