Eeber (Hab. id. עֶבֶר, country beyond), the name of five men.

1. (Sept. ῞Εβερ and ῞Εβερ, Vulg. Heber.) Eber (as the name should be Anglicized) was the son of Salah, and father of Peleg, being the third post- diluvian patriarch after Shem (Ge 10:24; Ge 11:14; 1Ch 1:18,25). B.C. 2448-1984. He is claimed as the founder of the Hebrew race (Ge 10:21; Nu 24:24). SEE HEBER. In Lu 3:35, his name (Ε᾿βέρ) is Anglicized Heber.

2. (Sept. Ιωβήδ, Vulg. Heber.) The youngest of the seven heads of families of the Gadites in Bashan (1Ch 5:13; A.V. "Heber"). B.C. 782.

3. (Sept. ᾿Ωβήδ, Vulg. Heber.) The oldest of the three sons of Elpaal the Benjamite, and one of those who rebuilt Ono and Lod, with their suburbs (1Ch 8:12). B.C. 535.

4. (Sept. ᾿Ωβήδ, Vulg. Heber.) One of the heads of the families of Benjamites resident at Jerusalem (1Ch 8:22; A.V. " Heber"). B.C. 535.

5. (Sept. Α᾿βέδ, Vulg. Heber.) The head of the priestly family of Amok, in the time of the return from exile under Zerubbabel (Ne 12:20). B.C. 535.

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