the rendering in the Auth. Vers. of the followving Heb. and Greek words: מעָרָה, mearah' (Isaoah 32:14; Jer 7:11), a cave (as elsewhere rendered); מאוּרָה, meirah', a hole (as of a venomous reptile, Isa 11:8); סֹך, sok, a booth or thicket ("pavilion," Ps 27:5; "tabernacle," Ps 76:2), hence a "covert" (Jer 25:38) or lair of a wild animal (Ps 10:9); so מָעוֹן, maon' (Jer 9:11; Jer 10:22), or מעוֹנָה, meoinah' (Job 38:40; Ps 104:22; Song 4:8; Am 3:4; Na 2:12), properly a dwelling-place or habitation (as elsewhere rendered); מַנהָרָה, a fissure in the rocks, used for hiding (Jg 6:2); אֶרֶב, e'reb, an ambush ("lie in wait," Job 38:40), hence lair of a beast of prey (Job 37:8); σπήλαιον, a cave (as rendered Joh 11:38), hence a recess for secrecy (Heb 11:38; Re 6:15), or a resort of thieves (Mt 21:13; Mr 11:17; Lu 11:38). SEE CAVE.

In Daniel 6, the "den (Chald. גֹּב, gob, a pit; Sept. λάκκος; Vulg. lacus) of lions" is repeatedly named as a peculiar means of punishment for state offenders at Babylon. This usage, although not mentioned by any other ancient authority, has received remarkable confirmation (see "Truths of Revelation demonstrated by an Appeal to Monuments," etc., "by a Fellow of seven learned Societies," Lond. 1831) from certain remains discovered in that region by modern travelers (Kitto, Pict. Bible, note on Da 6:16), especially one on a block of white marble found near the tomb of Daniel at Susa, and thus described by Sir R. K. Porter in his Travels in Persia (ii. 416): "It does not exceed ten inches in width and depth, measures twenty in length, and is hollow within, as if to receive some deposit. Three of its sides are cut in bas-relief, two of them with similar representations of a man apparently naked, except a sash round his waist and a sort of cap on his head. His hands are bound behind him. The corner of the stone forms the neck of the figure, so that its head forms one of its ends. Two lions in sitting posture appear on either side at the top, each having a paw on the head of the man." SEE LION.

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