Daily Offering

Daily Offering or SACRIFICE (הִתָּמִיד עוֹלִתאּ, the continual offering; Josephus ὁλοκαύτωμα ἐνδελ χισμοῦ, ἐνδελεχισμός, War, 7:2, 1), (in Da 8:12 sq.; 11:31; 12:11) and the Talmud (simply הִתָּמִיד, "the continual," sacrificium juge), was a burnt-offering of two year-old lambs, which were daily immolated in the name of the whole Israelitish people (ἐκ τοῦ δημοσίου άναλώματος, Joseph. Ant. 3, 10, 1) upon the great altar; the first lamb early (as soon as it became light, Mishna, Tamid, 3, 2; no reliance is to be placed upon Zorn's treatise De certis tempp. in jugi sacrifcio ap. Ebr. offerendo, in the Miscell. Lips. Nov. 2:1 sq.), the other (מִנחִת עֶרֶב, "the evening oblation," Da 9:21) at evening (more definitely "הָעִרבִּיַם בֵּין, between the two evenings, SEE PASSOVER; according to Pesach, v. 1, the eve-offering was sacrificed as a rule between the eighth-and-a-half and the ninth-and-a-half hour [2.5 to 3.5 o'clock P.M.], but on Sabbath-eve and Passover-eve [14th Nisan] one hour earlier; Josephus, Ant. 14:4, 3, designates "about the ninth hour" as the time; comp., however, Jonathan's Targum, Ge 49:27. This was the usual termination of a fast [q.v.], Da 9:21; Ac 3:1; Ac 10:3,30), each with one tenth of an ephah of fine wheaten flour as a meat offering, and a quarter of a hin of wine as a drink offering (Ex 29:38-42; Nu 28:3-8; Ezr 3:5). It was not superseded by the Sabbath or festival offerings (Nu 28:9 sq., 15 sq.; not even by those of the Passover, Pesach, v. 1). The regulations concerning the preparation of the priests for this annual religious service, the allotment of the several operations, and the ritual of the sacrifice itself, were eventually prescribed in the tract Tamid (Mishna, v. 10), which Iken has illustrated with erudite explanation (Brem. 1736; and in Ugolini Thesaur. 19); comp. also Loscan, De Sacrificio Quotid. (Lips. 1718). In the (last) Temple there was a lamb-apartment in the north- west corner for the special purpose of this offering (Tamid, 3, 3). SEE SACRIFICE.

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