Cow occurs in the Auth. Vers., SEE KINE as the translation of פָּרָה (parah', Job 21:10; Isa 11:7; elsewhere usually "kine"), עֶגלָה (eglah', Isa 7:21, "a young cow"), a heifer (as usually elsewhere), בָּקָר, (bakar', "kine," De 32:14; 2Sa 17:29; "cow"-dung, Eze 4:15; a young "cow," Isa 7:21), any animal of the ox kind (elsewhere "bullock," "herd," etc.), and שׁוֹר (shor, Le 22:28; Nu 18:17), any beef animal (usually an "ox"). SEE BULL; SEE CATTLE; SEE OX. The first of the above Hebrews words (generally found in the plur. פָּרוֹת, paroth', rendered "kine" in Ge 41:2-4, and "heifer" in Nu 19:2), properly signifies a heifer or young cow in milk (1Sa 6:7); also as bearing the yoke (Ho 4:16). In Am 4:1, the phrase "kine or heifers of Bashan" is used metaphorically for the voluptuous females of Samaria. SEE BASHAN.

By the Mosaic law (Le 22:28), a cow and her calf were not to be killed on the same day. Similar precepts are found in Ex 23:19; De 22:6-7. Whether they were designed to prevent inhumanity, or referred to some heathen custom, is uncertain. The cow is esteemed holy by the Hindoos. In the remarkable prophecy (Isa 7:21-25), the event foretold is, that the face of the land of Judah should be so completely changed, and the inhabitants so greatly reduced in number, that, with only a single young cow, and two sheep, a family should be supplied with an abundance of milk and butter; and vineyards, which before commanded a high rent, should be overgrown with briers and thorns. It may be observed that dried cow-dung was, in Palestine, commonly used for fuel, as it is at the present day among the Arabs, but it is remarkably slow in burning; on this account the Arabs frequently threaten to burn a person with cowdung as a lingering death. This fuel forms a striking contrast to the short-lived and noisy violence of thorns and furze, which are speedily consumed with a "crackling" noise (Ec 7:6). Roberts, on Eze 4:15, observes: "In some places, firewood being very scarce, the people gather cow-dung, make it into cakes, and dry it in the sun, after which it is ready for fuel. Those who are accustomed to have their food prepared in this way prefer it to any other; they tell you it is sweeter and more holy, as the fuel comes from their sacred animal." SEE DUNG.

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