Cin'nereth (Heb. Kinne'reth, כִּנֶּרֶת, a harp; Sept. Χενέρεθ, Vulg. Cenereth, Auth. Vers." Chinnereth;" Nu 34:11; De 3:17; Jos 13:27; Jos 19:35), or Cin'neroth (Heb. Kinneroth', כִּנּרֹות, harps; Jos 11:2, Sept. Χενερώθ, V ulg. Ceneroth, Auth. Vers. "Chinneroth;" Jos 12:3, Sept. Χενέρεθ, Vulg. Ceneroth, Auth. Vers. "Chinneroth;" 1Ki 15:20, Sept. Χενέρεθ, Vulg. Cenneroth, Auth. Vers. "Cineroth"), one of the "fenced cities" of the tribe of Naphtali (Jos 19:35; compare De 3:17; Jos 11:2; 1Ki 15:20). In the last two of the texts cited it seems to indicate a district, since it is named with the "land of Naphtali" and other northern places as having been laid waste by Benhadad, king of Damascus, the ally of Asa, king of Judah (1Ki 15:20). It probably took its name from the adjacent city or lake of the same name, and was possibly the small enclosed district north of Tiberias, and by the side of the lake, afterwards known as "the plain of Gennesareth." The expression "All Cinneroth" is unusual, and may be compared with "All Bithron" — probably, like this, a district and not a town. It is also the earlier name of the lake Gennesareth (which is supposed to be a corruption of Cinnereth, Lightfoot, Works,

1:496), from which we may collect that the town lay on the western border of the lake, and was of sufficient consequence to give its own name to it (Jos 12:3; Jos 13:27; Nu 34:11). Jerome says, but merely on rumor ("ferunt," Onomast. s.v. Chennereth), that Tiberias was originally called Cinnereth; which Reland disputes (Palaest. p. 161), as being opposed to Matthew iiv. 13 The Jewish Rabbins, moreover, identify (Lightfoot, Works, 2, 223) Tiberias with the Rakkath (q.v.) of Jos 19:35-38. SEE CHINNERETH. M. de Saulcy thinks he has identified the village of Abu Shusheh, lying on the western edge of the plain el-Ghuweir, on an eminence about at its midlength, at the entrance of wady Rubuduyeh, with the site of Cinnereth (Narrative, 2, 359, 364). SEE GENNESARET.

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