Bulwark is the representative in the Auth. Vers. of several Hebrew words: חֵיל, cheyl (lit. strength, or an army, as in 2Ki 18:17), an intrenchment, especially the breastwork which protects the trench (Isa 26:1; elsewhere "trench," "rampart," "wall," etc.); also חַילָה, chylah', the same (Ps 48:14); מָצוֹר, matsor' (once מָצוֹד, matsod, prob. by an error of transcription, Ec 9:14), lit. straitness, hence a mound erected by the besiegers (De 20:20; elsewhere "siege," etc.); פַּנָּה, pinnah', a pinnacle or turret (2Ch 26:15; elsewhere "corner"). The "bulwarks" spoken of in Scripture appear to have been mural towers, which answered the purposes of the modern bastion. Bulwarks were erected at certain distances along the walls, usually at the corners, and upon them were placed the military engines. The wall between the bulwarks, instead of running in a straight line, curved inward, thus giving the greatest possible extent in flanking the enemy from the projections. They are said to have been introduced by King Uzziah (2Ch 26:15; Zep 1:16; Ps 48:13; Isa 26:1). SEE FORTIFICATION.

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