Adai'ah (Heb. Adayah', עֲדָיָה, adorned by Jehovah, once in the prolonged form Adaya'hu, עֲדָיָהוּ. 2Ch 23:1), the name of several men.

1. (Sept. Α᾿δαϊvα v. r. Α᾿δαϊv) The son of Ethni and father of Zerah. of the Levitical family of Gershom, in the ancestry of Asaph (1Ch 6:40); apparently the same with IDDO SEE IDDO , the son of Joah (ver. 21). B.C. cir. 1530. SEE ASAPH.

2. (Sept. Α᾿δαϊvα v. r. Α᾿λαϊvα.) A son of Shimhi, and chief Benjamite resident at Jerusalem before the captivity (1Ch 8:21), B.C. long post 1612.

Bible concordance for ADAIAH.

3. (Sept. Α᾿δαϊvα, v. r. Α᾿δαϊv.) The father of Maaseiah, which latter was a "captain of hundred" during the protectorate of Jehoiada (2Ch 23:1). B.C. ante 877. He is apparently the same as JUDA SEE JUDA the son of Joseph and father of Simeon, among Christ's maternal ancestry (Lu 3:30). SEE GENEALOGY.

4. (Sept. Ε᾿δεϊά v. r. Ι᾿εδία.) The father of Jedidah and maternal grandfather of King Josiah, a native of Boscath (2Ki 22:1). B.C. ante 648.

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5. (Sept. Α᾿δαϊvα v. r. Α᾿χαϊvα.) A son of Joiarib and father of Hazaiah, of the tribe of Judah (Ne 11:5). B.C. considerably ante 536.

6. A priest, son of Jeroham, who held a prominent post in defending the second temple while building (1Ch 9:12, Sept. Σαδία v. r. Α᾿δαϊvα; Ne 11:12, Α᾿δαϊvα), B.C. 518.

7. (Sept. Α᾿δαϊvα.) A "son" of Bani, an Israelite who divorced his Gentile wife after the captivity (Ezr 10:29), B.C. 459.

8. (Sept. Α᾿δαϊvας v. r. Α᾿δαϊvα.) Another of the "sons" of Bani, who did likewise (Ezr 10:39), B.C. 459.

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