An'tothite the rendering in the Auth. Vers. in two passages (1Ch 11:28; 1Ch 13:3) of the name more properly, or at least more analogically, Anglicized ANATHOTHITE, i.e. an inhabitant of Anathoth (q.v.). It is observable that while the city is invariably written Anathoth' (עֲנָתוֹת , Jos 21:18; 1Ch 6:60 [45]; 7:8; Ezr 2:23; Ne 7:27; Ne 10:19 [20]; 11:32; Isa 10:30; Jer 1:1; Jer 11:21,23; Jer 22:8; with the art., הָעֲנָתוֹת, as a var. read. in Jer 22:7; "defectively," עֲנָתֹת, in 1Ki 2:26, as a var. read. in Jer 22:9; Sept. Α᾿ναθώθ [v. r. Ναθώθ in 1Ch 7:8]; Vulg. Anathoth, but Anathot in Ne 7:27), the derivative is written very variously as follows: 2Sa 23:27, Heb., Annethothi', עִנּתֹתַי, Sept. Α᾿νωθίτης, Vulg. de Anathoth, Auth. Vers. "Anethothite;" Chronicles 11:28, Anthothi', עִנתוֹתַי, Α᾿ναθωθ Anathotites, "Antothite;" 1Ch 12:3, Anthothi', עִנתֹתַי, Α᾿ναθωθί, Anatothites, " Antothite;" 1Ch 27:12, Anihothi', עִנתוֹתַי [v. r. Antothi', עִנתּוֹתַי], ἐξ Α᾿ναθώθ, Anathothites, "Anetothite;" Jer 29:27, Annethothi', עִנּתֹתַי, ἐξ Α᾿ναθώθ, Anathothites, "of Anathoth."

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